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As the FDA tries to convince the public that meat and milk from cloned animals is “safe,” and critics speculate on why it might not be healthful to eat, I keep going back to this very thoughtful analysis by Verlyn Klinkenborg last month in the New York Times.

Just as in the debate over genetically engineered foods, speculation about potential human health impacts seems to be distracting us from far more certain knowledge: cloning means more standardization and increasingly centralized control over food production. Klinkenborg is right to ask “who benefits?” It’s certainly not consumers, and probably not farmers–even if the food is perfectly benign.

The FDA has no authority to regulate agricultural products based on their social, economic or cultural impacts. But the USDA does–that’s what the Farm Bill is all about. Unfortunately, ask who gains from livestock cloning, and you’ll find one of the USDA’s favored beneficiaries, the meatpacking industry. (more…)


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