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after almost 100 years of being illegal to import the stuff into the U.S., the absinthe ban has now been lifted.

Modern revival of absinthe, the drink associated with the artwork of (and psychotic episodes of) Vincent Van Gogh and Edouard Degas, among others, has mainly happened through the EU legal system – challenging old bans or recognizing that no ban existed on some of the national books.

The lifting of the import ban points to two facts – 1) Contemporary absinthe production is quite different than that of 100 years ago, and 2) Scientific studies have disproven the direct causal link between absinthe and psychosis.

Apparently waiting approval for import is one brand, commissioned by Marilyn Manson, called Mansinthe. No joke.

For those further interested in scientific absinthe-knowledge, the March 2008 issue of Food, Culture & Society has a great article by Kima Cargill.


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